Meet B. P. Training Institute Instructor Edwyna Rouchelle Washington

Edwyna Rouchelle Washington is a native of Dallas, Texas. She holds a Bachelor of Business Administration and a  Bachelor of Science in Sociology from Texas A&M University, Commerce.  She has  certifications in English Language Arts/Reading and Special Education, qualifying  her to teach students ranging from early childhood through twelfth grade.  She utilizes her education and skills in  marketing, training and instruction, sales and management. Ms.  Washington is the founder of her own preparatory school.  She began the process of setting up a  nonprofit, out of which came a course designed to help others set up their nonprofits.  Her course is also designed to educate others how to get a 501(c)(3) exemption status for their nonprofits much less than the cost of  retaining an attorney to enact the process for them.

In Introduction to 501(c)(3) she teaches the attendee/student how to determine whether their organization is eligible to apply for nonprofit tax exemption status through compliance with Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requirements. It is a 8-week course comprised of eight (8) weekly one (1) hour classes. The attendee will learn how to determine nonprofit eligibility for their organization through instruction and hands-on-application.

For more information on Edwyna Rouchelle Washington's classes contact B. P. Training Institute at:

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