Classes Created by Brenda Diann Johnson Transition to B. P. Training Institute

Transition began on March 26, 2015 to move classes previously taught by Brenda Diann Johnson to B. P. Training Institute when the institute opened its online platform. B. P. Training Institute will be the official home of popular classes such as “The Basics of Writing,” “The ABCs of Writing: Part I,” “The ABCs of Writing: Part II,” “Research! Research! And More Research!” and “The Radio T.V. and Newspaper Writer.” The training institute will offer online and face to face training. Continuing Education courses will be taught in areas of education, writing, insurance, leadership & development and more. B. P. Training Institute has instructors who are degreed, licensed, certified, possess quality and are highly trained. Teachers meet students where they are and are committed to students throughout the duration of their course. For more information on B. P. Training Institute e-mail us at

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